Friday, October 9, 2009

rome again rome again jiggity jig


we made it back to rome today, but not without a train mishap – jo left her backpack with copies of her passport and credit cards, gifts for the girls, books and her blackberry! we tried to get it back but it seems like a lost cause…

there was a little miscommunication between mario and his wife so no one was at the apartment b&b to meet us. once we got checked in, it was too late to see inside maria della vittoria church from angels and demons so we booked it on the #71 bus to the pantheon. i couldn’t have imagined how marvelous it was inside. the experience made it worth the stress of re-planning our flight home.

the pantheon

the oculus - i wish it had been raining

inside the pantheon

we ate dinner at piazza navona again, but at a different restaurant with just as, if not more, handsome of a server as the other! we had champagne and wine and i had one last serving of gnocchi.

piazza navona one last time

on the way home we stopped at an internet café to double check our flight plans and check in on grandpa. he was not answering his cell phone – in fact, it was just going to his voicemail! as we passed in front of a restaurant, i picked up two more proposals, and it was then that i decided maybe i should just stay in italy!

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