Wednesday, February 27, 2008

le monde de travel gear

who knew that travel gear could be so... challenging?!? maybe it's my lack of ability to make a decision. i always seem to find items that are partially what i'm looking for. if i could mix and match pieces from each then i could make something perfect. i spent hours at REI today (there are your capital letters resa!) picking out a backpack, which naturally turned into browsing through the women's clothing and shoes - i mean outdoor clothing is sexy! i'd like to make note here of a little shopping faux pas in france - do not touch the clothes unless you ask permission to do so. also, make sure you greet and say goodbye to the salesperson before leaving. it is their belief that they are actually doing you a favor by allowing you to shop in their store. interesting huh? i got this little bit of information from mon ami rick steves... well, i wish we were friends at least! he's pretty much my hero and if i ever met him i would beg/offer him money to let me work for his company! i also got a rain coat, something necessary for this time of year en france, and other items on the little shopping list included an adapter, money belt, alarm clock, and an ultra-light, highly absorbant, quick-drying towel... just what i always wanted!! thanks mom! :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

une petite introduction

i started this blog a little while ago but didn't decide to post anything until now. someone suggested blogging my post-graduation adventures, but i wasn't sure they were worthy of anyone's time.... yet! after reading my horoscope today i decided i needed to get this thing going before i leave for france - which is just one week from today! now i can't make any promises as to how well i will keep up with this, but i will at least try.

for those of you who don't know, i am spending the month of march in france. it was always my dream to study abroad, but i chose to be involved with fish camp instead. as graduation drew near i decided this was a trip i needed to take before i entered the "grown up" world or i would regret it later. i got my godmother kathy on board for about 5 days at the beginning of the trip and dad for about 9 at the end. those days are pretty well-planned, but the two weeks i'll be alone are completely wide open! any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. as for now... à bientôt!